Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i'm finally getting all my last minute details squared away before i head out of this reality for a few months... one of them being a blog.

i'm prone to dropping off the face of the communication world for long periods of time, so this is my attempt at keeping the few that care updated on my big world adventure. i'll hopefully have enough internet access over there to keep this properly posted with photos and stories. soooo although i'll royally SUCK at sending personal e-mails (apologies in advance), you can still share in my adventures throughout indonesia... cambodia... vietnam... and wherever else life ends up leading me.

i can't believe i'm FINALLY leaving... it's about freaking time.

selamat jalan!


  1. Nicole,

    I'm so excited that you and Dominic will be on this adventure together. If there is anything that you need, please contact me! Hugs....

  2. Hi Nikki!

    I love your site. Looking forward to following you on your adventures in Bali!

    Aunty M